As of March 2012, the following Committees are active: 

 1. Academic Affairs: Deals with academic issues that arise; communicates between the Stuyvesant APs and parents.
 2. Appropriations: The Appropriations Committee solicits and reviews requests for funding by students, faculty, and the administration.  Within the budget allocated to us, we grant funds to those requests we believe to be most deserving. To submit a request, please fill out a funding request form and submit it to the PA Office, Room 271, with all supporting documentation. PA forms can be found here: Forms.


Audit:  Helps to monitor financial management and audit functions.


College: The College Committee works with the Stuyvesant High School Guidance Department and College Office to determine what assistance the PA can provide to the college counseling process at Stuyvesant. This committee helps to organize College Night in April, when representatives from 150 colleges throughout the country come to discuss their programs with Stuyvesant students. The PA provides dinner for the college representatives and needs volunteers to help organize and serve dinner. The PA also encourages parents to bring in desserts and other dishes. The College Night planning committee meets several times leading up to the event.

 5. Communications: Communicates to the General Membership with the publication of a seasonal newsletter - the PA Bulletin, and by maintaining the PA Web site and weekly e-mail update distribution. 
 6. Extracurricular Activities:  Where appropriate, solicits parent involvement; assesses needs; identifies, addresses and seeks to resolve issues. Examines and discusses with the General Membership broad issues, general policies, and the need for and allocation of resources to foster extracurricular activities and teams. 
 7. Faculty Reception (during Open School Week):  Recognition of Faculty. Responsible for the buffet dinners for faculty in conjunction with the parent/teacher conferences twice a year. 
 8. Fundraising: The Annual Appeal and the PA's major annual Spring Feast event raise substantial funds (sometimes exceeding $340,000) to use for school activities and programs that are not currently financed by the Department of Education. The committee needs volunteers to organize various events, such as the Spring Feast, Barnes & Noble Book Fairs, etc.


Health and Safety: Helps to ensure the health and safety of Stuyvesant students and all members of the Stuyvesant community. Addresses short-term and long-term concerns that may be brought to its attention by parents.

 10. Hospitality:  Is responsible for refreshments at the monthly General Meetings and for other special events. 
 11. Independent Research:  Responsible for the reception to honor those students who have entered the research competitions. the committee also works with the school's research coordinator to provide maximum research opportunities to Stuyvesant students.


Integrity: Helps to prevent, monitor, and resolve conflict of interest and ethical issues.


Membership Outreach: Responsible for increasing the level of parent participation in the PA. Organizes additional outreach meetings beyond the General Membership Meetings to engage parents.


Program Presentations: Is responsible for the General Program and/or featured speaker or entertainment at monthly PA General Meetings as well as other Information Meetings, e.g. seminars on financial aid, presentations on summer internship opportunities, etc.


Special Committees of the PA

According to the PA By-Laws, the Co-Presidents may establish a Special Committee for the purpose of performing a specific task not previously delegated to or within the powers of a Standing Committee.

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