Thank you to all of the volunteers who participated in the Stuyvesant High School 2017 Phonathon!

A special thanks to Iris Lam and Sandy Chu who record and keep track of the donations, Miranda Chan who coordinated the volunteers, and Min Zeng and Mariana Slepovitch who translated the script, Heather Higgins who arranged to get the call forms printed and delivered to the Phonathon site, Maitland Jones who transported the forms to the shredder, and David Venderbush our long time PA president who supports us at all PA events over the years. And a special thanks to Lynn Chen for your knowledge and guidance and never ending support.

And THANK YOU to all of the parents of current students and alumni who made phone calls throughout the evening on March 8 and 9. I enjoyed meeting you and seeing you again and I hope I'll see you again on March 31st at Spring Feast.

- Deb Croland (Phonathon Chair)

Myung Bark
Jennifer Cain
Miranda Chan
Ida Chen
Lynn Chen
Yuhong Chen
Sandy Chu
Ru Hua Fu
Michael Green
Karen Guo
Heather Higgins
Alicia Hu
Xiu yan Jiang
Maitland Jones
Belinda Leung
Amy Li
Jiewen Lin
Lily Lin
Winnie Lin
Jiangbin Liu
Joann Mui
Kyungrim  Oh
Yan Ping
Joanna Qiao
Angel  Ramos
Sylvia Ramos
Barbara Reiser
Michelle Rong
Susan Russack
David Venderbush
Ross Weiner
Wayne (Hak) Wong
Whitney Wong
Vincent Xiao
Liping Xu
Connie Yuen
Min Zeng
Amy Zhang
Jun Zhang
Aileen Zhong
Haulin Zhong

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