School Policies

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  • Code of Conduct
  • Cell Phone Policy
  • Dress Code
  • Elevator Use
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Hall Use
  • Locker Use
  • Leaving school during lunch

Attendance/Cutting Policy

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Advanced Placement Policy Statement

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Homework Guidelines

Established October 11, 2016 - CLICK HERE to download the PDF version

Because no single set of guidelines can address all the types of work that Stuyvesant teachers assign, the language of these guidelines is deliberately open-ended. We understand that each department, class and assignment is unique.

Homework Methods/Study Skills

If your child is consistently having problems completing homework in a reasonable amount of time, first take stock of the homework environment to make any changes that would contribute to better work habits: organizing his or her workspace, for example; encouraging a regular schedule for doing homework; and eliminating unnecessary distractions (TV, email, video games,social media).

Daily Homework

  • Homework is designed to reinforce and/or anticipate classroom work and may include writing, reading, doing problems or studying. From time to time, assignments may include field visits and use of media of various types.
  • Homework assignments should be designed so that students can complete them in 30 minutes per night on average. In each regular (non-AP or Honors) subject, assignments should be given 3 to 5 times per week. Long-term projects should be assigned to students well in advance.
  • Advanced Placement courses may require work up to 60 minutes per night.
  • Students are expected to complete assignments and teachers are expected to review them in a timely manner.
  • Homework assignments should be given to students in class or posted online no later than the end of the school day before they are due. Assignments are due no earlier than the beginning of the next class session.
  • Teachers may provide assignments in “bulk” several days or weeks in advance, according to their preference.
  • Students should not be required to turn in assignments online on Friday nights or on days when school is not in session (Saturdays, Sundays, and official DOE holidays).

Vacation Homework

School vacations are intended to provide an opportunity for students and teachers alike to rest, recharge and spend time with their families. To honor this goal, all Stuyvesant teachers should follow these guidelines:

  • Teachers should assign no more written homework than is necessary for the review and retention of prior learning. In general, routine homework given over a vacation period should take no more time to complete than one typical nightly assignment per class.
  • Projects and other lengthy assignments may be given as long as students are provided ample time before and after the vacation to complete them.
  • As many families travel over vacations, no assignment may be given which requires students to visit a particular site in New York City.
  • Teachers are not required to assign vacation homework. We trust and expect, though, that all Stuyvesant teachers will honor the spirit of these guidelines if they do assign vacation homework.

Religious Holidays

Students observing a religious holiday that is not a school holiday will be given an extension if a parent or guardian requests an exemption from the student’s teacher in writing in advance. Given the variety of religious holidays, the length of the extension may vary depending on the agreement between the teacher and the parent or guardian.

Problem Resolution

If a student finds himself or herself in a situation in which he or she believes the expectations and policies in these guidelines have not been followed, the student should take the following steps to try to resolve the issue:

  1. Consult the guidance counselor to attempt to resolve the issue, or work with the teacher directly.
  2. If the student has difficulty communicating with the teacher or guidance counselor for any reason, the student and his or her parent(s) should work with the Department Chairperson or Assistant Principal (AP) to work toward a resolution.
  3. If that does not resolve the issue, the student and his or her parent(s) should feel free to involve the Principal to work toward a resolution with the teacher. The Principal has frequent and ongoing conversations with the APs and the teachers about the above guidelines and the importance of following them.

“Test Day” Guidelines

A test day policy was put into place several years ago to insure that students do not have all of their teachers giving exams on the same day. Teachers may be forced to deviate from the policy due to holidays, snow days and other days off from school. If a student has several tests scheduled on one day, in apparent deviation from the “Test Day” policy, it is suggested that the student inform the Assistant Principal in that subject area of the problem. The Assistant Principal will look into the matter and determine that there is a legitimate reason for the change in test schedule or will discuss a possible change in test schedule with the specific teacher.

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