Sing 2019

Sing! – If you have the chance to see Sing! you will see the result of hundreds of our students working together, on and off stage, to create three amazing shows, SophFrosh, Junior, and Senior Sing!

Set design, painting, woodwork, cosmetic make up, costume, tech crew, graphics and art, music, musicians… The learning involved, the talent revealed , the creativity inspired, and the cooperation required are a wonder to behold. The end result is lively, colorful, intimate, revealing and fun.

See Sing! and you will see our students in a different light…

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A Big thank you to our wonderful team of teachers and staff for taking time out of their lives to work with the students while they created, rehearsed, and staged this grand show.

Here are some photos from the March 13, performance. (Links to more photos at the bottom of this page)

Photos free for use by students and parents. No press use without express written permission.

More photos of the Wednesday Newhaven performance here

More photos from the Friday performance here

More photos from the Saturday performance