Election Guide for Candidates

Dear Candidate:

Thank you for running for a position as an officer of the Stuyvesant High School PA Executive Board and/or School Leadership Team in our May 2019 elections.

The election will occur during the Stuyvesant PA General Meeting on Tuesday May 21, 2019. The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm and is scheduled to end at 9:00 pm.

Notice of Election is here

Written Statements

Candidates may prepare for distribution a written statement in support of their candidacy. We suggest that you bring 100-150 copies of any written statement to put on the table outside the auditorium before the meeting.

You are not required to bring a written candidate statement to the meeting; this is voluntary.

Statements usually include your experience and why you want to serve. Some candidates choose to make their own arrangements to have their statements translated into a second language, other than English, that is spoken by our parents and guardians.

Please limit your written statement to one page (you can use both sides of the page). The Election Notice contains a Candidate Number for each of you (the number next to your name). This number will correspond to the number on the Ballot. Please be sure to put this number on your written statement.

Oral Statements

Every candidate will be invited on stage to address the voters. However, because of the large number of candidates, we are going to limit the time each candidate speaks to ONE (1) minute. Candidates will be called by group and number to the stage. We suggest you rehearse your oral statement so that you keep within the time allotted.

When it’s your turn to speak, please clearly identify yourself by your name, the office you are seeking and your candidate number.

If you are running uncontested, you may still make an oral statement. We will approve uncontested candidates by voice vote at an appropriate point during the meeting.

Any questions? Please e-mail nominations@stuy-pa.org

The Nominating Committee

May 15, 2019