PA General Meeting 3/17

Updated March 14

The PA’s March 17 general meeting will be held as scheduled from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. at Stuyvesant High School to comply with DOE regulations and our by-laws unless the school is closed or the PA is directed by the DOE or the school to cancel the meeting. However, we will not hold the usual gathering prior to the meeting, no merchandise will be sold, and the planned program on SAT and ACT testing is cancelled. We will attempt to reschedule the program on college admissions testing for the May 19 general meeting.
3月17日的家長例會將如期在下午7:00至7:30在學校舉行,這會議是基於教育局的規定和 我們的會規而舉行,除非學校關閉或教育局/學校指示家長協會取消會議。但是,我們不 會在之前舉行家長交流,也不會出售任何商品,並已取消有關SAT和ACT測驗的專題討論。我們將嘗試為5月19日的家長例會安排有關大學入學考試的專題討論。

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