Important COVID-19 Updates from the PA

March 12, 2020

Dear Stuyvesant Parents and Guardians:

We, like you, have been monitoring the Coronavirus/COVID-19 status in New York closely to make the best decisions we can in this quickly evolving situation. In light of the current situation, we are writing to let you know of important changes to upcoming Parents’ Association events.
與您一樣,我們正在密切監視紐約州當前冠狀病毒/ COVID-19的狀況,以便在這種快速發 展的形勢下做出最佳決策。鑑於目前的情況,我們謹此通知您有關家長協會活動的重要變 更。

The PA’s March 17 general meeting will be held as scheduled from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. at Stuyvesant High School to comply with DOE regulations and our by-laws unless the school is closed or the PA is directed by the DOE or the school to cancel the meeting. However, we will not hold the usual gathering prior to the meeting, no merchandise will be sold, and the planned program on SAT and ACT testing is cancelled. We will attempt to reschedule the program on college admissions testing for the May 19 general meeting.
3月17日的家長例會將如期在下午7:00至7:30在學校舉行,這會議是基於教育局的規定和 我們的會規而舉行,除非學校關閉或教育局/學校指示家長協會取消會議。但是,我們不 會在之前舉行家長交流,也不會出售任何商品,並已取消有關SAT和ACT測驗的專題討論。我們將嘗試為5月19日的家長例會安排有關大學入學考試的專題討論。

In addition, this year’s Spring Feast, scheduled to take place on April 3, is cancelled. We are so grateful to the dozens of parent volunteers for the countless hours they have dedicated to preparing for Spring Feast, and the hundreds of parents who purchased tickets. The PA intends to offer refunds of ticket purchases and wine pre-orders (but please consider donating your
purchases back to the PA!).
此外,原定於4月3日舉行的春宴也已取消。我們非常感謝數十位家長義工為準備春宴付 出的無數時間,以及數百位已購買門票的家長。家長協會打算為門票和葡萄酒預訂提供退 款(但請考慮將金額捐贈給家長協會!)。

We still need your help! As you know, Spring Feast accounts for almost a third of the PA’s annual revenue each year. Without the income from Spring Feast — and the sales of Spirit Wear and Spring Feast merchandise and raffles at school events in March — the PA’s 2019-2020 budget and its ability to support the school are at risk. You can help in the following ways:
我們仍然需要您的幫助!如您所知,春宴每年佔家長協會收入的三分之一。如果沒有春 宴帶來的收入 — 以及三月份在學校舉辦的盛大活動, 併且春宴商品和抽獎活動的銷售 — 家長協會的2019-2020年度預算及其支持學校的能力將面臨風險。您可以通過以下方式提 供幫助:

● Donate your Spring Feast ticket purchase or wine pre-order purchase back to the PA. Ticket purchases account for more than half of the usual Spring Feast revenue, so your donation would be a huge help. Please watch for a separate email in the next few days with instructions to indicate whether you would prefer a refund or to donate your purchase.
● 將您購買春宴門票或葡萄酒預訂的金額捐贈給家長協會。門票佔了春宴收入的一

● Bid generously in the Giving Tree and Online Auction, which will be updated in the coming days to include dozens of additional auction items. The Online Auction will be extended to April 5 and we still welcome donations of auction items as well as volunteers to help.
● 在網上拍賣和Giving Tree中慷慨地競投,此網站將在未來幾天進行更新,以加入

● Buy Spring Feast Raffle Tickets for your chance to win an iPhone, a $500 Amazon gift card, or Beats Studio3 wireless headphones. Raffle sales will be extended to April 5 and the drawing will be scheduled for April 6 or 7.
● 購買春宴抽獎券有機會贏取iPhone,價值500元的Amazon禮品卡或Beats Studio3無 線耳機。抽獎券的銷售將延至4月5日,而抽獎將安排在4月6日或7日舉行。

● Buy Spring Feast Merchandise or Spirit Wear — umbrellas, backpacks, bags, phone pockets, sweatshirts, t-shirts and more.
● 購買春宴商品或Spirit Wear — 雨傘,背包,袋,手機卡袋,運動衫,T恤等。

Visit for more information.
Stuyvesant students and families are always our first priority. A group of PA volunteers is looking at ways to help Stuy’s neediest families in this difficult time. If you’re interested in helping, please email While we don’t yet know what we might be able to organize under
the circumstances, please know that we would like to at least increase the Principal’s needy students fund to ensure that the school is able to help more students.
史岱文森的學生和家人一直是我們的首要任務。一群家長協會的志願者正在這個困難時期 尋找幫助Stuy家庭的方法。如果您可以提供協助,請寫電郵至。儘管 我們仍不知道在這種情況下我們可作怎樣的行動,請明白我們至少希望可以增加校長給有 需要的學生的資金,以確保學校能夠幫助更多的學生。

Finally, because we are not able to offer a faculty reception during parent-teacher conferences, and in appreciation for all that Stuy’s teachers do, we will be putting together thank-you packages of Spring Feast merchandise for them. Please email if you would like to
最後,由於我們無法如期舉行教師招待會,並且希望感謝Stuy教師所做的一切,因此我們 將為他們準備由春宴商品組成的感謝禮包。如果您可以提供幫助,請寫電郵至。

Please watch for further communications from us about PA plans in the coming days. We hope that you and your families stay healthy and safe.

Warmest regards,

Alex Shafran and Susan Fennessey
Parents’ Association of Stuyvesant High School

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