Support Stuy and Save Up to 75% on Amazing Auction Items!

Just days from the April 22 deadline, the Stuyvesant Parents Association is slashing the minimum bids on the Spring Feast Auction: Stuy at Home Together! Online Auction.
That opens up the possibility to take home one of dozens of prized experiences or items at a fraction of their actual value — in some cases by as much as 75 percent. And at the same time you’re getting your hands on some great values, you’re helping the students and faculty at Stuy get their hands on essentials. The proceeds fund computers, musical instruments, administrative supplies, books, school and college counselors, and other essential resources that our kids need. 
Among the reduced-price packages on the block:

So, please take advantage of these deals and contribute to the Spring Feast Auction: Stuy at Home Together initiative. Every dollar counts. 

And in return, we’ll give you the chance to come out a winner.  


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