Fall Appropriations

Requests are due May 15, 2020.

The PA raises money every year to fund the special needs of student groups, faculty members, and the school’s administration. Within the budget allocated by the PA for this critical function, we award grants to projects that we believe best address the PA’s aim to support student enrichment in both academic and extracurricular pursuits.

In particular, the PA has three funding goals:

  1. Enhance students’ education experience
  2. Strengthen students’ physical, mental or emotional capacity and resiliency
  3. Improve and strengthen students’ communication skills and social awareness

We are now launching the PA’s Spring 2020 Appropriations round and invite you to submit funding requests for your projects. Please read the attached Application Package for PA Appropriations Fall 2020 thoroughly before you begin filling out the funding request form.

Click the link to review the Spring 2020 Appropriations Report to PA GM December 10 2019.

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