A Call to Stuy Bakers

We’re Launching a New ‘Cooking With Stuy Series’

Have you been working on that coconut cream cake for eight months now and are ready to release it to the world? Here is your chance!

We are searching for Stuy Bakers to kick off our Cooking with Stuy series. The Stuy PA is looking a baker from the Stuy family to lead our first online cooking event – Stuy Bakes, the Winter Holidays.

We’d like you to share a favorite cake, pie, or cookie recipe and ready to lead a group of enthusiastic parents to bake it in our new virtual world.

Please submit your prized recipe and a 20 second video explaining how you will lead us to: programs@stuy-pa.org.

Be the creator of the Stuy Community’s first signature baked good! Is it the Stuy Cake?  The Pegleg Macaroon?  The Penguin Pie? Help us mix up a new tradition.

And for those interested in having fun in the kitchen, look to the next e-blast for details about how to whip up the kitchen party that is COOKING WITH STUY! 

Baking is just the start! Future episodes will include: A Dish from South East Asia (Jan.) and Prepping For The Chinese New Year (Feb.)

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