2021 Election Results

Congratulations to the newly elected PA Officers and SLT Representatives for the 2021/2022 school year! And thank you to all candidates and participants of the May 18th Spring Elections PA meeting. The results are now final!

2021/22 PA and SLT Elected Officials:

Co-Presidents: Connie Bao Hsu and Alex Shafran

1st VP: Laura Parkin

2nd VP: Angela Chen

Recording Secretary: Jimmy Hsu

Corresponding Secretary: Ethan Sacks

Treasurer: Catherine Wu

Assistant Treasurer: Jia (Joyce) Li

Senior SLT Delegate: Haiying Ju (alternate: Julie Torres Moskovitz)

Junior SLT Delegates: Tracy Zhang & Miaona Zheng (alternate: Sandra Song)

Sophomore SLT Delegates: Lanzy Xue & Sophie Zhuang (alternate: Melissa Lee)

Note: elections for Freshman SLT, and Members-at-Large for all classes, will be held in September.

Election Procedures:

  • Registration was required, with the Eventbrite Order # needed for voting, to protect election integrity and voter anonymity
  • All Parents and Guardians of current Stuyvesant students were eligible to vote. There was no proxy voting permitted. Others were welcome to attend the meeting and observe, but not vote, during the election
  • A link to the online ballot was shared in the event materials and chat, accepting submissions from the start until 25 minutes after the election proceedings
  • Candidate statements were shared prior to the election, and candidates had up to 45 seconds to address the community during the election meeting
  • Preliminary results were announced at the end of the general PA meeting
  • Voter eligibility verification was completed by Dina Ingram, Director of Family Engagement, after the election
  • Of the original 209 submitted ballots, 14 were dismissed: 4 had invalid order # entries, 3 could not be verified, and 7 were duplicates. Their inclusion/removal did not alter the outcome for any position.

The election was run by the 2021 Nominating Committee, co-chaired by Kelly Anson and Eve Bois, with Ling Chow, Lin Huang, and Kaiyee Wong. Please email nominations@stuy-pa.org with any questions.

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