Designated Gifts Policy

The Stuyvesant Parent’s Association Designated Gift Policy was approved during the 2017-2018 school year.

In the interest of maximizing returns to Stuyvesant, while being cognizant of the need for continued collaborative and collegial relations with the Alumni Association, as well as the limitations of the PA as an all-volunteer body, the following guidelines were discussed and agreed to by the Executive Board of the PA when considering designated gifts to the PA:

  1. No designated gifts should be accepted that would fund a project that the PA, even were it to have more than sufficient resources, would not fund.
  2. The PA will hold aside an amount, equal to the amount the Alumni Association charges as a commission (presently 10%), to help cover its costs and enhance its discretionary giving
  3. Designated gifts generally should be made in a lump sum, and must be received in advance of implementing the gift. If the gift is recurring, each year’s payment should be made as a lump sum and made no more frequently than once annually.
  4. Designated gifts must be worth at least $2,500, and not be a burden to administer (e.g., excess payments or payees).