Laptop Cart Fundraiser


Can You Help us Buy a Laptop Cart for Stuy?

We are raising funds to buy the school one laptop cart and a class set of 36 laptop computers to accommodate students during Advance Placement (AP) exams and regular class scheduling. Currently, we do not have enough computer labs to accommodate the growing number of students enrolling in AP classes.

These versatile, up-to-date, mobile units ensure that every student in a class has a computer to work on. With a laptop cart, teachers will not need to waste time moving students out of their usual classroom to a computer lab – which is hard to schedule anyway. Instead they can roll one of these into class and have the students up and working in a very short time. Roll in laptop carts can be used anywhere in the building, by any class – for exams, arts, music, STEM subjects, and technology classes.

The stats:

Number of students at Stuy: 3,300

Number of floors: 10

Number of computer carts currently at Stuy: 1

Number of carts we want to fund: 1 more

Funding target: $33,000

One-Click Fund a Laptop Cart donate link