Nominations and Running for Office

Stuyvesant Parents’ Association elections are held twice a year. PA Officers and upper class School Leadership Team (SLT) parent delegates are elected in Spring for the upcoming academic year. Members-at-Large and Freshman SLT parent delegates are elected in fall, and join the PA Executive Board for the remainder of the academic year.

To run for office:

  1. Fill out a nomination form online by 11:59pm one week before the election
  2. Submit a candidate statement via another online form by 5 days before the election
  3. Recommended: attend the Election meeting with your assigned candidate number, prepared to give ~30-second statement to the membership. Attendance at the Election meeting is NOT required – if you wish, you may have someone speak on your behalf.

Candidate eligibility and rules:

All parents and guardians of current Stuyvesant High School students are eligible to run for office, except those also employed by the DOE. 

To ensure all candidates are given an equal opportunity, all election and candidate materials will be distributed/posted by the PA, without endorsement, after the close of nominations and at least 24-hours before the election. Per DOE rules, candidates may not individually solicit votes or distribute materials in support of their candidacy at the school or through PA/school websites, bulletin boards, newsletters, chat rooms, social media, and parent email lists. (see Chancellor’s Regulations A-660)