Nominations and Running for Office

The elected positions of the Stuyvesant High School Parents’ Association are:


  • President or Co-Presidents
  • First Vice-President
  • Second Vice-President
  • Recording Secretary
  • Corresponding Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer

Note: PA Officers are elected annually at the May General Membership meeting.

School Leadership Team (SLT) Delegates

  • Senior Parent Delegates – One (1)
  • Junior Parent Delegates – Two (2)
  • Sophomore Parent Delegates – Two (2)
  • Freshmen Parent Delegates – One (1)

Note: Senior, Junior, and Sophomore SLT delegates are elected annually at the June General Membership meeting. The Freshman delegate is elected at the October General Membership meeting. There will be one (1) Alternate SLT Delegate for each class selected as follows: the candidate for each class delegate with the highest number of votes other than the winning candidate(s) (I.e., the runner-up) will serve as the Alternate Delegate for that class. Unfilled positions also may be slated for election at the October General Membership Meeting. In addition, at the October General Membership Meeting a Junior SLT Representative and Alternate will be elected.

Members at Large

  • Senior Parent Member-at-Large – One (1)
  • Junior Parent Member-at-Large – One (1)
  • Sophomore Parent Member-at-Large – Three (3)
  • Freshmen Parent Member-at-Large – Five (5)

Note: Members-At-Large representatives are elected annually at the October General Membership meeting.

The term of office is from July 1, through June 30, except for those positions elected in the fall (Freshman SLT and Members-at-Large), for which the term will be from the Fall Election through June 30. Although the bylaws require that nominations for PA and SLT positions be made at the September General Membership meeting, nominations have been historically accepted until approximately one week prior to an election. In order to ensure that parents have every opportunity to participate, this practice will be continued this year while the PA reviews the bylaws.

For more information on the duties of each officer see the Stuyvesant PA Bylaws (17 page PDF)

For questions about the nomination or election processes, please send an e-mail to the nomination committee