Community Outreach

Membership Outreach committee is primarily responsible for increasing the level of participation, interaction and engagement for non-native-English-speaking parents.

Below are some of the different outreach groups you can join:

Chinese Outreach is a PA team supporting Chines/e-speaking parents who are not fluent in English. There are chat groups (Currently on Wechat platform) for parents of all grades to encourage community building as well as grade-specific groups that focus on topics relevant to the grade. Chinese Outreach helps break down the language barrier between first generation immigrant families and the school, increase parent engagement, and promote interactions among parents.

To join Chinese Stuy Parents WeChat 华裔家长微信群 , 请加 Miaona (Miaona82) 或 Jan (y1003731) 为好友.

Korean Outreach (“SPAKO”) provides a wide spectrum of services to Korean-speaking families to overcome language and cultural barriers and establish strong connection with Stuyvesant PA and the Administration. 

Our goal is to promote immersive engagement with the dynamic Stuy Community through webinars, workshops, social meetings, and digital communication platforms.  From language support to parental mentoring, to sponsoring college and career seminars, we cover a lot of ground to facilitate a truly enriching Stuy experience.

To get involved please email

South Asian Parents Outreach is for parents with cultural ties to South Asian countries including: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, and Maldives. This group has been created to give Stuy parents from these origins and ethnicities, a forum to connect across barriers of language and modalities, celebrate our shared cultural heritage and experiences, and create a vibrant sub-community within our larger and beloved Stuy community.

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