StuyPA Committees

As of August 2022, the following Committees are active:

Academic Affairs: This committee is responsible for devising strategies, addressing matters related to academic rigor, seeking implementation to ensure integrity and equitable treatment of students as well as other issues relevant to the academic experience and environment at Stuyvesant.

Appropriations: This committee is responsible for soliciting, reviewing and evaluating requests for funding from student leaders, teachers, coaches, and other school staff at least twice per year. The committee will present its recommendations for funding to the Executive Board for their concurrence and then to the General Membership for approval. The Appropriations Committee will consist of at least six members.

College Committee: This committee provides support for families related to the college admissions process. Also partners with the College Office to provide the necessary assistance for College Night.

Communications: This committee is responsible for communicating information to the General Membership. This includes supporting the Corresponding Secretary in the publication of a newsletter, managing the email forwarding accounts and maintaining the PA website and applicable social media. Sub-committees may be formed to attend to these functions.

Fundraising: This committee is responsible for planning and execution of various fundraising activities. Scope of committee work includes but is not limited to the annual appeal campaign, matching gifts coordination, sponsorship and cashback reward programs, initiating and coordinating fundraising activities.

Grant-Writing: This committee is responsible for working with the principal, school administration and PA leadership to identify and prioritize school needs, identify potential funders, solicit grants, and steward external funders. This includes researching, writing, and submitting grant proposals and applications. Works closely with the Fundraising Committee.

Health and Safety: This committee is responsible for helping to ensure the health and safety of Stuyvesant students and all members of the Stuyvesant community. It addresses short-term and long term concerns that may be brought to its attention by parents. One or more members of this committee may be designated to serve on the school wide safety committee and to act as liaison(s) between that committee and the PA.

Hospitality: This committee is responsible for refreshments at General Meetings.

Independent Research: This committee is responsible for providing expanded research and mentoring opportunities to Stuyvesant students. This committee also partners with the school in organizing an event to honor those students who have entered the research competitions.

Membership Outreach: This committee is primarily responsible for increasing the level of participation, interaction and engagement for non-native English-speaking parents.

Programs: This committee is responsible for the arrangement and coordination of featured speakers for the PA General Meeting programs. The committee also sets up special workshops throughout the school year as appropriate.

Reception: This committee is responsible for organizing special PA sponsored receptions on school premises. Examples of receptions may include Faculty Receptions on Parents Teacher Conferences (PTC) days or College Night reception for College Admission officers.

Senior Events: This committee is responsible for planning and implementing various activities to create a celebratory and memorable experience for graduating families.  This committee will also assist the school administration as needed with the preparation for a successful graduation ceremony.

Spirit Wear: This committee is responsible for procuring and selling school branded apparel and merchandise.

Spring Feast: This committee is responsible for planning and implementing the PA’s annual Spring Feast or similar community/fund raising event as determined by the Executive Board.

Technology:  This committee is responsible for helping to identify, investigate, assess, advocate, and implement better technology solutions for the PA and the School.  The committee may be involved in understanding needs, analyzing alternatives, making recommendations, and supporting tech-based initiatives as needed.

Special Committees of the PA

According to the PA By-Laws, the Co-Presidents may establish a Special Committee for the purpose of performing a specific task not previously delegated to or within the powers of a Standing Committee.

As of August 2022, the following Special Committees and Subcommittees are active:

Budgeting:  This special committee is responsible for drafting budgets, gathering input and feedback, and presenting budgets to the Executive Board and General Membership for review and approval.  The Budgeting Committee members are appointed by the PA President and must include the PA President and Treasurer.

Bylaws: This special committee shall meet every 3 years or within a year of an imposed change to
Regulation A-660, that is established by the NYC DOE.   The purpose of the special committee is to review and update, as necessary, the PA Bylaws in compliance with the A-660 regulations, taking into account the specific interests, needs and events of Stuyvesant and PA. This committee should also review proposed changes to Regulation A-660 and participate in the public comments.

Nominating:  Please refer to Section IV.9.3 of the PA Bylaws.

Phonathon: This is a special sub-committee of Fundraising formed to plan and hold annual events
to reach out to recipients via phone and/or call center to seek donations to the PA.