PA Committees

As of October 2020, the following Committees are active:

Academic Affairs: Devise strategies and seek implementation to achieve the goal of encouraging and supporting academic integrity and equitable treatment of students. These and other issues relevant to the academic experience and environment may be reviewed and discussed with the membership.

Appropriations: This committee is responsible for soliciting, reviewing and evaluating requests for funding from the school for the “wish list”. The committee will present its recommendations for funding to the Executive Board for their concurrence and then to the General Membership for approval. The Appropriations Committee will consist of at least six members.

College Committee: This committee is responsible for “College Night.”

Communications: This committee is responsible for communicating information to the General Membership. This includes publication of a newsletter, and maintaining the PA web site. Sub committees may be formed to attend to these functions.

Faculty Reception: This committee is responsible for the buffet dinners provided for faculty in conjunction with the parent/teacher conferences twice a year.

Grant-Writing: This committee will be responsible for working with the principal to identify school needs and match those needs with existing external funding opportunities.

Health and Safety: This committee is responsible for helping to ensure the health and safety of Stuyvesant students and all members of the Stuyvesant community. It addresses short-term and long-term concerns that may be brought to its attention by parents. One or more members of this committee may be designated to serve on the school wide safety committee and to act as liaison(s) between that committee and the PA.

Hospitality: This committee is responsible for refreshments at General Meetings.

Independent Research: This committee is responsible for the reception to honor those students who have entered the research competitions. The committee also works with the school’s research coordinator in providing maximum research opportunities and mentoring to Stuyvesant students.

Membership Outreach: This committee is responsible for increasing the level of parent participation in the PA.

Fundraising: This committee is responsible for initiating and coordinating fundraising activities, including through grant writing.

Program: This committee is responsible for the General Program and/or featured speaker or entertainment at PA General Meetings. It is also responsible for other Information Meetings, for example seminars on financial aid.

Special Committees of the PA

According to the PA By-Laws, the Co-Presidents may establish a Special Committee for the purpose of performing a specific task not previously delegated to or within the powers of a Standing Committee.