Parent Teacher Conference Tips


Here are some tips to help you navigate the twice-yearly, fall and spring parent-teacher conferences. 中文翻譯 Chinese translation here

How to Prepare

  • Download your student’s schedule from TALOS – or ask them to print it out for you – and bring their class schedule to the conferences.
  • Discuss classes and teachers with your student before the conferences. Ask them if they have any questions they would like you to ask a teacher. Bring your notes. You only have 3 minutes, so it will help if you are prepared.
  • Download and read the report card which is available on TALOS.
  • Make a list of the teachers/classes you wish to see – in order of importance.
  • Make sure you have your student’s home room number.
  • Get the name of your student’s guidance counselor before coming.
  • Make notes of points you wish to discuss and take them with you to the meetings

At the Conferences

  • Teacher’s room numbers will be supplied online before the conferences and printed copies will be available at school.
  • Teachers of each academic department will be on the same floor.
  • Teachers will have a meeting signup sheet outside their rooms. ARISTA students and Big Sibs will keep the schedule sheets and call time on the 3 minute meetings.
  • Translators for Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean are available outside room 271.
  • Students are welcome to attend the meetings with their parents – but most parents go alone.
  • Sign up for teachers in an order that will allow you time to move from floor to floor.
  • Check back to find out how fast the list is moving so that you don’t miss your time slot and have to sign up again.
  • You will have 3 minutes with each teacher. If you need to follow up, do so via email or schedule another meeting, if possible.
  • Take this opportunity to meet your student’s guidance counselor – but note that you can meet the counselor any time during the year.
  • Elevators may be slow and crowded, use the stairs and escalators.
  • Divide your visits between the two conference days or have more than one parent attend.
  • Students will be selling baked goods and treats to raise money for their clubs and teams. Bring some cash to support them.

Why Go to a Parent Teacher Conference?

  • To show teachers you are involved in your student’s education.
  • To get information about your student’s abilities and challenges.
  • To help the teacher understand your student’s special needs and talents.
  • To find out how you can better support your student.
  • To better understand your student’s letter grade evaluations.
  • So that you can talk with your student about their teachers.