(December 10, 2017) The 2017 Stuyvesant Phonathon has now concluded. Thank you to all of the volunteers who phoned parents, sent out follow up emails, and processed donations.

And thank you to all of the parents who donated to the Phonathon! Your donations help Stuy pay for extra-curricular activities and academic enrichment opportunities like:

    • PSAL and non-PSAL Sports like Golf, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Bowling, Track, Wrestling, Cricket, Cheerleading, Ultimate Frisbee, and Sailing.
    • A new Water Distillation Unit for the Chemistry Lab.
    • Support for the College Office
    • 36 Robots for Computer Science classes
    • Coaching for the Speech and Debate team
    • Registration for Model UN
    • Furniture and staffing for the Writing Center
    • …and many many more


Our Volunteers

Krista Annenberg Judy Cao Amanda Chan Miranda Chan
Brenda Chen Lynn Chen  Xiu Chen  Sandy Chu
Deborah Croland Judeth Dickson Michael Green Julie Gu
Karen Guo Min Ling He Alicia Hu Mindy Jia
Maitland Jones Theresa Kwok Belinda Leung Catherine Liang
Karen Liang Jiangbin Liu Michelle Minovi Mireille Mosler
Joann Mui Rachel Peng Jane Pepper Sylvia Ramos
Elizabeth Ross Margot Weiss Whitney Wong Vincent Xiao
Li Hong Xiong June Xu  Soh Lee Yap  Tracey Ye
 Chaohui Yin  Min Zeng  Hualin Zhong  Shunkai Zhong
Shunkai Zhong  Duojia Zhou  Zhiyong Qiu

 Special thanks to:

  • Miranda Chan for organizing volunteers
  • June Xu for staying late to send out emails and process credit card donations
  • Krista Annenberg, Fundraising Chair, for keeping track of all donations and sending historical donation information, and for staying late to send out follow up emails
  • Sandy Chu, Assistant Treasurer, for making calls and processing checks and keeping track of all donations
  • Margot Weiss for technical support and staying late to send a large majority of the follow up emails and process credit card donations
Best wishes for a happy holiday and Happy New Year!
~Deborah Croland and Judeth Dickson, Phonathon co-chairs