The School Leadership Team (“SLT”) is an advisory committee comprised of teachers, students, administrators, and parents. SLTs are mandated by the New York State and receive funding from the Department of Education to operate. The primary responsibilities of the SLT are to develop the Comprehensive Education Plan (“CEP”) for the school and to align the budget with that plan. The SLT also discusses and makes decisions on various substantive issues as they arise.

In recent years, Stuyvesant’s SLT has made recommendations on such issues as ethics, research skills, homework policies, sexual harassment, student stress reduction, and smoking. It has been instrumental in introducing English composition courses, expanding options for electives, and in creating an Open School Week policy to facilitate parent observation of classroom instruction. The SLT is a vital forum for shaping school life.


SLT Meeting Minutes

To read SLT meeting minutes beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year, please log in to Naviance. Near the upper right of the page under the green banner, under the language drop down, click on the link for the “document library” to view the SLT meeting minutes.

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