Executive Board

All parents are welcome to attend the regular meetings of the Executive Board, the dates of which are published in the PA Bulletin and are announced in the Weekly Update sent to listserv members.

Executive Board Meetings

From the PA By-Laws: “The Executive Board will hold at least six Regular Meetings in each school year. The first Regular Meeting of the Executive Board will take place prior to the first General Meeting of the PA. All Regular Meetings of the Executive Board are open to the General Membership. Non-Executive members will have a voice, but no vote. Minutes of Executive Board Meetings will be kept by the Recording Secretary. The Executive Board may hold other meetings as it deems necessary with proper notice to the Executive Board Members.”

Executive Board meetings start at 6:30 PM and are held in the Principal’s Conference Room on the first floor. Please see the Calendar for dates of upcoming meetings.

PA Executive Board 2017-2018 Officers

The 2017-18 Executive Board comprises 8 elected officers (including 2 co-presidents), 10 elected members-at-large, 6 elected delegates to the School Leadership Team and the chairs of standing committees who have been appointed by the co-presidents and ratified by the General Membership.

Do you have comments or questions for the Parents’ Association? Please contact members of the Executive Board below! Indicate the name(s) of the person(s) you wish to contact in the subject line. You may also leave messages for Executive Board members on the Parents’ Association phone at 212-312-4800, ext. 2711.

Role Elected Member(s) Contact
Co-Presidents Heather Higgins and Belinda Leung copresidents@stuy-pa.org
First Vice President Ross Weiner Vicepresidents@stuy-pa.org
Second Vice President Suzanne Cruse Vicepresidents@stuy-pa.org
Recording Secretary Susan Fennessey Recordingsecretary@stuy-pa.org
Corresponding Secretary Andrew Cribb ContactPA@stuy-pa.org
Treasurer Iris Lam Financials@stuy-pa.org
Assistant Treasurer Sandy Chu Financials@stuy-pa.org
Role Elected Member(s) Contact
Senior Parent-At-Large Alex Shafran seniorparents@stuy-pa.org
Junior Parent-At-Large June Xu juniorparents@stuy-pa.org
Sophomore Parents-At-Large John Lo, Mandy Wong,
Krista Annenberg
Freshman Parents-At-Large Judy Cao
John Keller
Theresa Kwok
Sangeetha Seshadri
Gary Sokolow

School Leadership Team Representatives

Contact the SLT by email at SLT@Stuy-PA.org.

Senior Representative Miranda Chan
Alternate: Sylvia Ramos
Junior Representatives David Abramowitz
Yonghong Xiao
Alternate: Lanlan Zhang
Sophomore Representatives Michael Green
Vincent Xiao
Alternate: Barry Robertson
Freshman Representatives Nancy Ho
Alternate: Isabella Goldmints

Committee Chairs / Co-Chairs (2017 – 2018)

For more information on the Committees’ Role and Responsibility, see the PA Committees page.

Committee Name Committee Chair(s) Committee Contact
Academic Affairs James Higgins academics@stuy-pa.org
Accounting Statement Review Miranda Chan accountingreview@stuy-pa.org
Appropriations Geraldine Amera, James Higgins, Krista Annenberg appropriations@stuy-pa.org
Camp Stuy Coordinator Margot Weiss campstuy@stuy-pa.org
College Joy Devries Heinz, Sylvia Ramos, Amy Long College@stuy-pa.org
Communications Deborah Croland, Margot Weiss communications@stuy-pa.org
Faculty Reception Sindi Kaplan, Amy Long facultyreception@stuy-pa.org
Fundraising Maitland Jones, Krista Annenberg fundraising@stuy-pa.org
Grant Writing Joy Devries Heinze, John Keller grantwriting@stuy-pa.org
 Health and Safety Judeth Dickson,
Lanlan Zhang
 Hospitality Michael Green,
Amy Long
 Independent Research Zoe Foundotos independentresearch@stuy-pa.org
 Outreach Chinese: Miranda Chan, Sandy Chu,
Vivian LinKorean: Bujeon Song
 Phonathon Deborah Croland, Judeth Dickson phonathon@stuy-pa.org
 Programs Richard Bernstein programs@stuy-pa.org
 Spirit Wear Lanlan Zhang, Cherin Perelman spiritwear@stuy-pa.org
 Spring Feast Susan Fennessy springfeast@stuy-pa.org