Stuyvesant Parents’ Association Executive Board

Executive Board Meetings

Parents are welcome to attend the regular meetings of the Executive Board and School Leadership Team. The dates are published in our weekly E-News and on our calendar.

The Executive Board holds at least six Regular Meetings in each school year. All Regular Meetings of the Executive Board are open to the General Membership. Non-Executive members can speak, but not vote. Minutes of Executive Board Meetings are kept by the Recording Secretary. The Executive Board may hold other meetings as needed.

Executive Board meetings start at 6:30 PM. Please RSVP via the provided link in the calendar to attend.

Elected PA Executive Board 2022-2023

The 2022-23 Executive Board has 8 elected officers (including 2 co-presidents), 10 elected members-at-large, 6 elected School Leadership Team delegates, and the chairs of committees who have been appointed by the co-presidents and approved by the General Membership.

Note that Members-at-Large and freshman SLT delegates are elected at the September 2022 General Meeting.

Office / ContactElected Member(s)
Laura Parkin
Shawei Wang
First Vice President
Alice Chan
Second Vice President
Annie Rong
Recording Secretary
Richard Schoenstein
Corresponding Secretary
Neiha Bhandari
Kenneth Chan
Assistant Treasurer
Jia (Joyce) Li
Role / ContactElected Member(s)
Senior Member-at-Large
Xin Mei (Erica) Chen
Junior Member-at-Large
Derrick (Sai) Yu
Sophomore Members-at-Large
Qing Liu
Chandra Metzler
Chuanjie (CJ) Wu
Freshman Members-at-Large
Casandra Chew
Pamela Lee
Maud Maron
Lingling Ni
Jun Shimada

Elected School Leadership Team 2022-2023

Contact the entire SLT by email at

Rep Year / ContactRepresentative
Senior Representatives
Miaona Zheng
Alternate: Xiao-Xiao Wong
Junior Representatives
Melissa Lee
Sophie Zhuang
Alternate: Hung Chow
Sophomore Representatives
Zhi Ying (Glenn) Wang
Michelle Zhao
Alternate: Anu Agrawal
Freshman Representatives

Chien Kwok
Devika Agge (Alternate)

Committee Chairs / Co-Chairs 2022-2023

Standing Committees:

Committee/ContactCommittee Chair(s)
Academic Affairs
Upjeet Chandan
Alice Chau
Matt Schneider
Amy Soler

Hau Ming Tse
Neiha Bhandari
Patty Carey-Perazzo
Bharathi Narasimhaiah
Stella Chang
Xiao-Xiao Wong
Ting Yu
Grant Writing
Lee Ann Daffner
Achilles Kogiantis 
Health & Safety
Melissa Lee
Cori Salvit
Catherine Stansberry
Independent Research
Marianne Guschwan
Lisa Muratori
Camille Sweeney
Membership Outreach
Neiha Bhandari
Shruti Kothari
Jan Liu
Qing Liu
Anshoo Misra
Joseph Yoo
Miaona Zheng
Sandra Song
Karin Sloan
Celine Wei
Senior Events
Xiao-Xiao Wong
Spirit Wear
Stella Chang
Kitty Tom
Spring Feast
Stella Chang
Xiao-Xiao Wong
Robert Buff
Nilesh Kothari

Special Committees:

Committee/ContactCommittee Chair(s)
By-Laws Review
Chandra Meltzer
Shawei Wang
Kelly Anson
Fin Ops Committee

Matt Schneider
Tracy Zhang
Inclusive Education
Susan Cohig
Marisa Schwartz