Support the Annual Appeal

Your donation supports Stuy every day!

The suggested donation is $750 but gifts of every amount will make a difference. Our aim is to get 100% of our families to make a contribution of any amount.

Donate Online

Visit the Stuy PA Greater Giving Page where you can securely donate in monthly installments and one-time donations (subject to a 4% fee)

Donate by Check

Donate by check with this simple PDF form – deliver the check to Room 271 or send the check to

Stuyvesant High School Parents’ Association
345 Chambers St Room 271
New York, NY 10282

How Your Donation Supports Stuy

Matching Gift Programs

Stuyvesant High School Parents’ Association is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Please request a matching gift application from your employer and send it to the PA. We will do the rest. If you have questions, email

Thank You!

More Ways to Support the Annual Fund

Shop at Amazon


Any time you click on an Amazon ad on the Stuy PA website and purchase something at Amazon, a percentage of your sale goes directly to the Stuy PA at no extra cost to you and with no change to your existing membership services (such as Prime).

This is such an easy way to make a difference!

You may see a pop-up when you get to Amazon that asks you if you want to shop “Amazon Smile” to benefit Stuyvesant. This program pays out at a much lower rate, so please do not use this option. Instead, bookmark this link (or click on any Amazon ad on this website) before shopping at Amazon instead.

Use GoodSearch for Your Online Searches

Click here to designate the Stuy PA as your charity of choice at GoodSearch.

As you know, Google is not the only online search engine. Use GoodSearch after you have selected the PA as your charity, and every search you do brings a donation to us so we can do more to help the school. If you register with GoodSearch first, each search yields even more for the PA. Go ahead! Look something up!

Use GoodShop for Your Online Shopping

Click here to shop for gifts using GoodShop.

Many of us choose online shopping over braving the stores (especially at the holidays!). This, year, consider going to your usual shopping sites via GoodShop. GoodShop takes you to many of your favorite stores such as Lands End, Barnes & Noble,, Apple, Macy’s, and even to make your travel plans. A portion of every purchase you make will benefit the Stuy PA, and going through this site gives you access to many discount coupons for those stores. Don’t forget to designate Stuy PA as your chosen charity first.

Download the GoodShopto-go browser add on and when you shop, up to 20% of your purchase will be automatically donated to the PA at no extra cost. You’ll also get coupon alerts for great discounts at your favorite online stores.