News and Upcoming Events

Upcoming Important Dates

The last day of school is June 26th. Students report to school at 9am for report card and diploma distribution. Homeroom is from 9-9:30am. No report cards or diplomas will be mailed. Parents may also view report cards on eSchoolData and My Schools accounts. School starts again on September 5.

  • August 28th: Camp Stuy for incoming students 1/2 day
  • August 29th: Camp Stuy for incoming parents and guardians (8:30 am to 12 pm)

Camp Stuy for Incoming Parents

Camp Stuy for incoming parents and guardians. will be on Wednesday August 29th. A light breakfast will be served at 8:30am courtesy of Parents’ Association. It will be half day session.

Parents will meet administration, have a theater presentation with simultaneous translation in Mandarin, and meet the co-presidents of the Parent’s Association, and see special guest  presentations.

There will be break-out sessions to meet your child’s School Counselors and have question & answer sessions with them, as well as with fellow parents, alumni and students, Big Sibs, and meet the other parents of students in your child’s homeroom class. We encourage all to attend.

Volunteer for Camp Stuy

We need parent volunteers for Camp Stuy for Parents on August 29th! You can help us share experiences with new Stuy parents by signing up early! We at least 35 volunteers to make it a success! The Parent’s Association is KEY in making Camp Stuy for incoming Parents a valuable experience, so please partner with us! You can sign up here.

How You Can Support the SHSAT Schools

Stuyvesant HS Alumni Association shared a tool to support the SHSAT schools. It was developed by Brooklyn Tech Alumni Association, but is being used by the other specialized high school alumni and Parent Associations.

Here is the link: Oppose A10427A NOW! 

You need to enter your name and address and the form will automatically display the name of you assembly member (for your address) and will send him / her an email when you press “submit”. The form is suitable for alumni, parents, students, and friends of any of the specialized schools including Stuyvesant.

Assembly members are frequently elected by small margins of several hundred votes, so even if each of them gets a hundred emails they will pay attention. Please share this link with friends. This can be very effective.

The message the Voter Voice form will send to your assembly member is:

I am writing to express my strong opposition to bill number A10427A (on the Education Committee agenda for 6/6), which would change the admissions process at New York City’s specialized high schools by phasing out and completely eliminating the Specialized High School Admissions test, which guarantees admission solely on the basis of merit.  While I believe that much can – and must – be done to increase diversity in these schools, the approach that Mayor de Blasio has proposed in A10427A is absolutely not the answer to this very complicated issue.

Rather than work to address the long-term, systematic educational disparities that continue to impact far too many NYC neighborhoods, the Mayor is proposing an unworkable, unproven admissions process that would:

  • Phase out the objective Specialized High School Admissions Test and allow the Chancellor unprecedented, subjective control of admissions through the inclusion of new “multiple measures” of achievement. 
  • Create an exceedingly complicated admissions formula that does not address educational disparities across NYC middle schools.
  • Eliminate equal access for hundreds of New York City youngsters who currently gain admission to these high schools from Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and other private middle schools.  According to the Mayor’s press release, as many as 95 percent of the seats will be exclusively awarded to children attending public schools, leaving potentially tens of thousands of NYC families out from equal consideration.

A thoughtful, multi-faceted approach is needed on this critical issue, not a last-minute bill introduced in the waning hours of the session – with no analysis, input from stakeholders or public hearings  –  and which could impact millions of children and families for decades to come.  The goal must be to fix the educational challenges facing far too many young people in underrepresented communities and help to ensure that all New York City school children have access to the high-quality educational opportunities they deserve.  A10427A does not do this and so please join us in opposing this bill.

Election Results

At our May 22 Parents’ Association General Meeting and Spring Elections, the membership elected the below representatives.

The term for each of these positions is one academic year, July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. The email directory will be updated to include the new representatives on July 1. Thank you to everyone who ran for office. Your service to Stuyvesant is always appreciated.

Stuyvesant High School Parents’ Association (PA) Officers

  • Co-Presidents: Susan Fenessey and Alex Shafran
  • Recording Secretary: Shirley Chin
  • Treasurer: Belinda Leung
  • Assistant Treasurer: Sandy Chu
  • First Vice President: Lanlan Zhang
  • Second Vice President: John Keller
  • Corresponding Secretary: Andrew Cribb

School Leadership Team (SLT) Delegates

  • 10th Grade SLT Representatives: Nancy Ho and Ellie Choi
  • 10th Grade SLT Representative Alternate: Joanne Giordano
  • 11th Grade SLT Representative: Michael Green and John Lo
  • 11th Grade SLT Representative Alternate: Catherine Stansberry
  • 12th Grade SLT Representative: David Abramowitz
  • 12th Grade SLT Representative Alternate: Lanlan Zhang

SLT Meetings

The School Leadership Team is made up of representatives from the administration, teachers, parents and students to discuss various educational issues and school policies. Parents are welcome to attend and observe but participation is generally limited to SLT members.

Parents can reach the parent members of the SLT at

Emergency Preparedness

Parents and students seeking information on emergency preparedness in the wake of recent attacks in the city, can start their quest by reading the advice provided by NYC at Ready New York.

PlanNowNYC is a website developed by NYC Emergency Management and partners that helps New Yorkers prepare for terrorist attacks and no-notice events. It provides tips on knowing facts and being responsible. Ready NYC also provides a complete GUIDE on being prepared as a family in NYC for emergencies.

And don’t forget to install Stuy’s Crisis Manager Text Notification System download instructions can be found by clicking here—please make sure to turn on ‘push notifications’ after you download the app.

Please click here for more suggestions on emergency preparedness from the Stuy administration.

Gym Floor Repairs

The grant-writing committee of the PA was given preliminary notification that the Battery Park City Community Center has been allocated $240,000 to help with gym floor repairs at Stuyvesant! We are very grateful to council member, Margaret Chin and the efforts of our Parents’ Association!


Annual Appeal: Your Donations at Work

About 15% of Stuy Parents have donated to the Annual Fund so far this academic year. At the Parents’ Association General Meeting on January 23, parents voted to approve our second round of cash disbursements (appropriations).

$83,383.59 is going to support the following clubs, academic programs, and teams.

Speech and Debate Stuy Red Cross Spanish Honor Society
Boy’s Track & Field French Language Woodshop
Basketball Technology Innovation Lab
Lab Equipment Chemistry and Physics Writing Center Guidance
TEDx Stuy Cricket Research Club
Girls Tennis Cheer/Stunt Team

To see the full list, please take a look at this report and this summary. Funds from this round of appropriations will mean that there will be no delay in the Fall when the money is needed. Questions?

If you have not yet made a donation, please reach out now. Thank you!

To donate by check, please make checks payable to Stuyvesant High School Parents’ Association and send or hand deliver to:
Stuyvesant High School Parents’ Association
345 Chambers Street, Room 271
New York, NY 10282-1000

Matching Gifts from Your Employer

Many companies have matching gift programs and will match contributions made by their employees to Stuyvesant High School Parents’ Association, a 501(c)(3) organization. Please request a matching gift from your employer. The PA’s address is above and the EIN is: 13-6108649. If you have questions email or

Tax Deduction Receipts

Stuyvesant High School Parents’ Association, is a 501(c)(3) organization. Once we receive your donation, the PA will mail you a receipt for your tax purposes. Be sure to include your mailing address with your donation. The full amount of any donation to the PA (including the Annual Appeal and Phonathon) is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. If you have questions email

Stuy Spirit Wear

Stuy HS Parents Association Spirit Wear had a wonderful 2017 and looks forward to an exciting 2018 with new styles and designs!

Thanks for supporting STUY!​

Raise Money for Stuy at Amazon

Did you know that any time you click on an Amazon ad on the Stuy PA website and purchase something at Amazon, a percentage of your sale goes directly to the Stuy PA at no extra cost to you and with no change to your existing membership services (such as Prime).

This is such an easy way to make a difference—and, BONUS! you’ll kill two birds with one stone—not only will you cross some items off your list, you’ll be contributing money to Stuy that gets used for great programs that directly benefit your kids. Sports, academics, clubs, teachers, the library, and even the principal all receive money from the PA.

You may see a pop-up when you get to Amazon that asks you if you want to shop “Amazon Smile” to benefit Stuyvesant. This program pays out at a much lower rate, so please do not use this option. Instead, bookmark this link (or click on any Amazon ad on this website) before shopping at Amazon.