Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Parents and students seeking information on emergency preparedness in the wake of recent attacks in the city, can start their quest by reading the advice provided by NYC at Ready New York.

PlanNowNYC is a website developed by NYC Emergency Management and partners that helps New Yorkers prepare for terrorist attacks and no-notice events. It provides tips on knowing facts and being responsible. Ready NYC also provides a complete GUIDE on being prepared as a family in NYC for emergencies.

We encourage students to get to know the area around Stuyvesant and make a plan with their family so that if an emergency occurs when they are out of the building during lunch, a free period, before or after school, they will know what to do and/or where to go. Having several phone numbers of emergency contacts in their cell phone or otherwise available is also sensible.

The Big Sibs provide a useful handbook every year to freshman available on their website, which lists neighborhood sites, eateries and places as well as a small map.

A reminder that students and parents should listen to all announcements and when told to do so, quickly leave any dangerous scene from danger, never stopping to take photos or video and always letting authorities know if they see something suspicious or that they believe might be dangerous.