Resources for Parents

Here, you’ll find many useful links, contact information, and additional resources to help you navigate Stuyvesant High School. Plus, don’t miss signing up for the Stuy PA mailing list and the Parent Coordinator weekly emails.

Useful Publications

The Parent Handbook is a wonderful tool to help new parents become oriented to the Stuyvesant environment and to help their students to navigate the school more smoothly. Please note that the English-language version of this handbook was updated in 2017, while the Chinese- and Korean-language versions were last updated in 2014 and contain some outdated information. Updates will be published to the Chinese-language version later this school year.

Parent handbook Revised Sept 2017

注意家长手册中文版有待更新,请以英文版为准。旧版家长手册仅供参考请点击(click) Here Click here to access a Chinese-language PDF of the Parent Handbook.
Click here to access a Korean-language PDF of the Parent Handbook.

Parent-Teacher Conference Tips: Learn how to navigate parent-teacher conferences at Stuy.

The college handbook for the class of 2019 is a useful resource for seniors and juniors who are in the process of looking at colleges. It’s also a good resource for freshman and sophomores to plan your academic and extracurricular program to best prepare for the college application process. The Chinese translation can be found here.

Support for students: Information about tutoring, guidance, and other support at Stuy.

The Spectator: Stuy’s student-run school newspaper

Helpful Websites

Stuyvesant High School website: Check the school website frequently for the latest information on schedules, events, sports, clubs, and interest meeting dates.

School Forms: Visit the Stuyvesant High School site for absence, lateness, or early dismissal forms; for working papers, new Metrocards, teacher comment sheets,  extracurricular sheets, and more.

School policy: This section of the Stuyvesant High School site explains policies related to homework, code of conduct, cell phones, academic honesty, dress code, AP classes, attendance, lunch, lockers, extracurriculars, and more.

Parent portal eSchoolData: Log in to the parent portal eSchoolData account to view your student’s transcript and report cards, attendance and other student information. If you have trouble logging in, please send an email with the student name, student OSIS number, parent name and parent email to

NYC DOE Schools Account (MyStudent): This DOE account contains your student’s grades, assessments, schedule, attendance, and health records maintained by the NYC Department of Education. If you have children in a different NYC public school you can view the records for all of your children in various schools. Contact the parent coordinator, Dina Ingram (, with your students’ full name and/or OSIS number to get the access codes to view your child’s records.

Naviance: Log in to Naviance to view the Student internship and volunteer opportunities bulletin, scholarship information, SLT minutes, as well as college information. Check the “document library” link on the top right of the page beneath the green banner. Naviance is now available to all grades. Click here for more information about how to access your account.

College Office page: College information for senior parents

The Stuyvesant student union: Information and calendar for SU events

The Stuyvesant Parents’ Association Facebook page: “Like” the page to receive reminders for events and information.

Stuyvesant Alumni Association: The Stuyvesant Alumni Association is a 501(3)(C) not-for-profit organization that maintain the relationship of alumni to Stuyvesant High School and to each other through written and other communications, and social, academic and other events. Learn more at their website.

Conversation and Resources Related to October 31st Attack

On Friday, Mr. Contreras hosted a conversation with parents about the events of October 31st. Joining the conversation with Assistant Principals, Jeremy Rynders, Brian Moran and Casey Pedrick, Dina Ingram, and other staff members, were special guest speakers from the Bereavement Center of Westchester and NY Presbyterian, Lisa Zietz, LMSW, and Mary Cullman, LCSW.

Attached is a brochure, Hope and Healing for Grieving Families, they gave out to assist with issues that may come up with students as well as other family members.

Mailing Lists

Stuy PA mailing list: Join to receive the PA’s weekly eNews.

Parent Coordinator weekly emails: Join to receive messages from the parent coordinator and the principal.

Contact Information

Contact the PA’s EB by emailing or the Parent Coordinator by emailing